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During your stay with us, various recreational activities can be arranged for you.

Horseback Riding

Revel in the peace and quiet of nature at its purest. Enjoy the company of the noblest of creatures---horses. Horseback riding can be arranged inland of the town of Omiš. Along the river Cetina surrounded by the beautiful countryside and fields, enjoy the companionship of horses and learn all about them.Try a leisurely horseback ride or learn to ride. Hurdles are available for the advanced equestrian. For children of all ages, ponies are available. Pony activities include:  pony rides, petting, photos even the brushing and grooming of these divine creatures.


For the more adventurous guest, rafting along the river Cetina can be arranged. Enjoy the adrenaline rush that only nature can provide as you brave the rapids through the canyon of the river Cetina. The river’s rapids will enthrall you with the magic of nature. Paddle along the river, all the while relishing in the distinct landscape of the canyon and the crystal green water of the river. While your rafting adventure will last 3-4 hours, the experience is one you will talk about for years. The photos of your rafting adventure will leave your friends in awe of your experience. Many are so enchanted by the beauty of the river Cetina and the adrenaline rush they experience during their rafting excursion that they repeat the experience again and again.


Our guests can spend the day exploring the mountainside. For all nature lovers, bicycling is an excellent choice. Biking along the various paths, discover the distinct mountainous surroundings, the history, and the way of life of today’s inhabitants in these small off shore places. While exercising your body, relax your mind and enjoy in the pristine nature that encompasses you and breathe with full lungs the fresh, clean mountain air. Aside from informal/classic bicycling, it is possible to arrange mountain biking, as well.

Free Climbing

By its very nature, Omiš is a town nestled among mountains, a canyon and the river Cetina, so it easily lends itself to adventure tourism. Omis has three naturally occurring mountains famous for their climbing capabilities making it an attractive magnet for climbers. Awaken your need for adrenaline, and view Omiš and the canyon of the river Cetina from new heights. Omiš is surrounds by high cliffs, which always leave you continually breathless.


Due to the close proximity to local towns and cities, it is possible to participate in the many events that they offer. Here is a sample of the more popular events.

Dalmatian A capella Singing (Klapa) Festival

First organized in 1967 as a tourist attraction, in which spontaneous groups of local men would sing before a public in the traditional style of their ancestors. The singing was accomplished by ear and not by written notes. Singing is solely done a capella. Today the festival has grown in fame and nature to include both male and female groups. It has become one of the main events in Omiš, anticipated by music lovers everywhere. For more information please visit

Poljica Nights

Various gatherings, pageants, and competitions are held throughout the region historically known as Poljica. All these events are perforated with the authentic sounds, smells and tastes that are traditionally associated with Poljica and its culture. The main symbol of its traditional cuisine is the soparnik(swiss chard in dough), which has achieved UNESCO protection. For more information visit PoljičkevečeriFacebook page.

Split Summer Festival

The Split Summer Festival is a cultural event that has been building its national and international reputation since the middle of the 20th century. Just like the Dubrovnik Summer Festival, the Split Summer Festival has a longstanding tradition of a wide variety of classic cultural performances (operas, concerts, dramas, ballets…). For more information please refer to

The National Theater in Split

For many decades the National Theater in Split has protected and nurtured the cultural identity of the city of Split through its theatrical performance and concerts. It participates in the Split Summer Festival, but it is the main cultural center throughout the year. More information about upcoming performance and tickets can be found on their website

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  • Horseback Riding
  • Rafting
  • Bicycling
  • Free Climbing 
  • Dalmatian A capella Singing (Klapa) Festival
  • Poljica Nights
  • Split Summer Festival
  • The National Theater in Split
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